I teach business owners and educators how to accelerate and monetize their personal brand using Kingdom principles.

Get the keys to master your ability to show up in the world:

  • Boost Emotional Intelligence
  • Supercharge your soul intelligence
  • Tell your story in an authentic, powerful way

You can learn at your own pace or go further and be mentored:

Your ideas and innovation. My wit and wisdom. ✨

Daily Access

Get access to my Voxer on a daily basis to ask any questions for $20 per day. Ask on the spot questions about your business, strategies or technical issues.

Monthly Access

Subscribe to a creative way to get mentored. Use every teachable moment to become healthier in each area of life and become the leader God created you to be, to make more, be more and have more. Plus course access.

High level Mentorship

Sustainability comes through accountability. When you show up for yourself, others will see the difference and you will become exactly what God desires you to be. Living a Kingdom life with Kingdom perspective. This is a High Level Mentorship for those ready to build a plane on the way down from the cliff. It is result driven with numbers, and lifestyle identity. Choose your Journey!

Hi, I’m LaMeshia

I'm a tech junkie, social media marketing guru, and leader in ministry that believes in seeing the change I want to see.

If you are an entrepreneur or educator I can help you boost:

  • your soul intelligence
  • your emotional intelligence
  • your social media
  • your love for The Word
  • your Leadership skills
  • your brand voice and tell your story

(By now you should know but if you don't lets chat)

Organize with ease

Your automation system really helped me organize my front end marketing efforts. LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!!

Lisa Fank

Ready to be free.

I did what you asked me to for the last 30 days and now I am seeking the supernatural even more.

Brianna U.

I work best with individuals that:

Are ready to make changes and not excuses (not an order-taker). I ask lots of questions about the direction you’re going in and, in many cases, push back and challenge your rationale.

Love going deep. I really want to understand the root of you, and your business—how you respond a certain way, what you’re trying to solve and why it matters.

Love a diverse point of view. I’ve had a lot of diverse experiences and seen a lot, which means that I often present perspectives you haven’t considered.

Are willing to invest time and money. Good work takes time. Great work takes picking yourself back up, with lots of coffee-and-prayer-fueled breaks and renewing your mind in between.



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